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Nicole M. Williams M.S.,  M.Ed.


Nicole Williams (she/they) is a trained and experienced educator, advocate for justice, equity, diversity, inclusion & belonging (JEDIB), speaker, curriculum developer, professional development trainer, coach, community collaborator, and consultant. 

Meditation and reflection have played a significant role in recent considerations for how she, as someone who holds intersecting marginalized and privileged identities, can best seek to co-create or co-nourish spaces of appreciation and change in a society and world which is socialized towards the very opposite.  One such space is the Mt. Airy Community Fridge & Pantry. Deeply impacted by this ongoing work and connection with community members, Nicole is further spurred to put action to the words that she has long written and spoken. Her stories are transforming to deeper action research and praxis.

Nicole uses theoretical models and conceptual frameworks based in justice and equity to provide education and professional development in a variety of content areas including community engagement, leadership, justice & equity, wellness, and strategy for personal and organizational transformation. Nicole finds stories riveting, and the personal narratives of each individual an important means to move away from constructing assigned boxes and categories on people, and creating space for themselves (both seen and unseen) to be valued. She use her voice to take up space and secure seats for herself and others, very much acknowledging that sometimes the tables and chairs do not always exist and must be built; therefore working to build legacies for sustainable environments of JEDIB. 


They pride themselves on setting up clients for success in anti-racist community engagement and leadership and are sure that you will leave sessions more prepared than you have ever been before to advance change personally and professionally. 

Nicole Williams Dec 2022
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