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About Changing Spaces LLC

Circular Library


We are dedicated to helping co-author, co-lead, coach, and capture the stories of change agents to help create people-centered community engagement practices.


  • We seek to dismantle racist and oppressive leadership, pedagogy, policies, and speech in order to transform social systems towards anti-racist structures of communal liberation and justice.  

  • Using the power of narrative, we work to acknowledge the realities of the spaces we as individuals inhabit and how power and privilege reflect in how we navigate and negotiate modes of leadership and followership.

  • We work to support and develop thought leaders and change agents who seek to move beyond diversity and inclusion, towards radical change for liberation and justice.

  • We work to construct spaces to breathe together, where we can work through difficult topics and challenging realities together, building community in support towards action and change.

  • We believe it essential for us to not just acknowledge, but also to actively work to dismantle the injustices that plague society and destabilize individuals and communities holding oppressed identities. 

  • We use storytelling to help create and build capacity for individuals, communities, and organizations to establish trust-filled relationships with and within the communities they seek to serve and support.

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

Our Values

  • Anti-racism

  • Co-leading, co-learning

  • Shared expertise

  • Appreciation

  • Justice

  • Shared stories

  • Deep learning

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