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As a consultant, community collaborator, and speaker it is my goal to assist you as the client with not only

(1) addressing the key themes, but much like a story

(2) discovering the characters (stakeholders) involved,

(3) understanding the setting of the environment,

(4) gaining the points of view of different stakeholders,

(5) discerning and helping work through the tensions that exist,

(6) working collaboratively towards a greater purpose,

(7) and finding the resolution that best fits the current situation.

To advance change, we work to address the root causes through workshop series, meet regularly to engage in deep community research and understanding, and provide ongoing consulting or coaching meetings. Our model is a progressive relationship with our client, where we build a story of change together, understanding that change takes time, but that there is always time for the change envisioned. 


Management & Consulting

  • Culture Review

  • Goal Planning

  • Needs Assessments

  • Mission & Vision Alignment 

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Leadership Development


Workshops & Sessions examples:

  • Power and Access in Community Engagement

  • Leading through Adversity

  • The Power of "No" and Building Anti-Racist Community Connections

  • Diversifying and Building an Employee (or Board) Pool

  • Networks: Mentors and Sponsors

  • Unpacking Conscious and Unconscious Bias

Pre-K - 12 (Private/Public/Administrative)

Workshops & Sessions examples:

  • Transformational Learning for a New Gen of Students

  • Connecting Student Learning to Local Community Education

  • Curriculum Updates to Reflect the Students You Teach and the Communities You Exist In

  • Trauma and Resilience in Education Settings

  • Teaching Student Leadership through a JEDIB Lens

Higher Education

Workshops & Sessions examples:

  • Bias in Admission File Review

  • Diversifying Core Curriculum Requirements

  • What it Takes to Recruit a Diverse Class

  • Anti-Racist Community Engagement Practices

  • A Conversation Beyond Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion towards Belonging and Justice

  • Yes, You Can Be (And Are) a Mentor Too!

  • Are Your Systems and Processes Identity Inclusive?

Corporate & For-profit

Workshops & Sessions examples:

  • From Personal Responsibility to Corporate Responsibility

  • From Corporate to Community

  • Sponsoring the Next Generation of Diverse Talent

  • Self as the Instrument of Change

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Let's craft a story of change together. Long, short, case, or epic. 

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