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Session with 80 in-person & virtual Markforged staff
Photo-op with Governor Wolf post session with KKG & DOH in celebration of 25 years

Photo 1 (Above): Session with 80 in-person & virtual Markforged staff

Photo 2 (Left): Photo-op with Governor Wolf post session with KKG & DOH

Thank you so much for facilitating this process for our workgroup. I appreciate how closely you listened and captured our collective thinking. It is now up to us to create the plan. I appreciate this jump start and look forward to you helping us think through and prioritize what we come up with. With gratitude and kindness.

- R.G.-F. (TIU 11), Keystone Kids Go

What I found most valuable about this session was how Ms. Williams spoke candidly of her experiences in becoming her best self and navigating through all of things she does. She introduced the term appreciative inquiry (AI), means for individuals or groups to engage through an asset-based approach in co-authoring and co-leading their story of change. This concept allows for people to be heard, opportunities for people to dream and share their dreams and for people to feel able to choose how they contribute.

- Keynote Attendee

I was lacking the confidence to go after the jobs I really wanted, and to assert myself in the workplace. Nicole helped me build upon my strengths and reframe my perspective on my weaknesses, in a safe and reaffirming space.  Her strategies for self-reflection and her thoughtful feedback have significantly improved my confidence and focus. She has given me the confidence to go after what I want, and the skills to thrive personally and professionally. 

- C.H., MCIU 

The vulnerability, honesty and authenticity of the presenter. Thank you for sharing a few stories. Thank you for reminding me to unapologetically making it all about me. Good information.


- Keynote Attendee

The collaboration was great, ideas were shared respectfully and I enjoyed my time and look forward to the next one.

- L.O. (Phila ELRC), Keystone Kids Go

The event was very informative, and my colleagues loved the content and the style of your delivery.

- R.C., BlueRock Therapeutics

I connected a lot with what Nicole said about having to take rest and say no sometimes. As a fellow doctoral student life can quickly consume all of you and it’s important to “give yourself flowers”, give yourself the time you deserve, and don’t let grind culture take over!

-Keynote Attendee

The time together was excellent and thank you.

-T.D.P. (MontcoPA ELRC), Keystone Kids Go

She shared messages that I absolutely needed to hear right now. Thank you!


- Keynote Attendee

For me personally, the space you created on September 19th, and again this afternoon at the Equity Committee meeting, have prompted dialog that both inspires and challenges me to listen more, learn more, and do more.  I was like a sponge absorbing all of the messages, and even though the Zoom is over, I am still reflecting on the conversation, ideas, and questions shared.  I am so grateful for the path that led you to Keystone Kids Go!

- L.M. (TIU 11), Keystone Kids Go

Perfect way to end a long day filled with workshops.


-Keynote Attendee

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